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What are The Icks?

What are the Icks? by Brenda Wood. I laughed out loud when I saw the cartoon. The Israelites were in the centre of a major miracle, crossing the Red Sea on dry ground as banks of water towered over their heads. One person looked down and cried, “Ick! A fish!” Continue reading

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How to be Thankful Throughout the Year

How To Be Thankful Throughout the Year by Stephanie Nickel. One of my Facebook friends took a challenge in 2013 to list 1,200 reasons to be thankful. When my mother-in-law gave me a journal for Christmas, it didn’t take long to decide what I would use it for. Continue reading

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Have You Said a Thankful Prayer?

Have You Said a Thankful Prayer? by Tanya. Remember to thank God for your blessings. Happy Thanksgiving to those in Canada. Continue reading

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I am Here – Where Are You? Patricia Day talks about her conversation with God – comparing it to when we wait for someone. Continue reading

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Sense of Wonder in Prayer by Judith Lawrence “Prayer is the art of presence. Where there is no wonder there is little depth of presence. The sense of wonder is one of the key sources of prayer. Wonder at the … Continue reading

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Believing God for What He Will Do by Shannon Leibold  (reprinted with permission August 5, 2011) There are times when I tip-toe into their rooms long after they’ve drifted off to dreamland, and I kneel beside their beds and pray … Continue reading

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Are We Grateful? I read an article in the paper the other day about Captain Mark Kelly, the husband of Gabrielle Gifford, the senator shot in Tuscon, Arizona. He said, “I hadn’t been a big believer in fate until recently. … Continue reading

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