Do We Need to Cultivate the Habit of Prayer?

Do We Need to Cultivate the Habit of Prayer?

by Cherry Warwick (used with permission)

Developing a new habit takes time.
And persistence.
Each new day.

We may think that we have mastered a new habit, but unless we keep at it,
it will fade away.
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 (see more on Cherry’s website – Pursuing Heart)

Could it be that we also need to consider intercessory prayer
as a habit that needs to be cultivated? (click to tweet)

Intercessory prayer – to faithfully pray for the needs of others. It is easier for me to talk with God about my own concerns and needs.

Continue to read this wonderful devotional about prayer. Thanks Cherry for allowing us to understand Intercessory Prayer.

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3 Responses to Do We Need to Cultivate the Habit of Prayer?

  1. If we are to pray without ceasing then we’d best be cultivating, watering and fretilizing that good seed!

  2. The answer is YES! Your article is so in line with an assignment the Lord has given me. I am actually publishing a 21 day devotional on prayer with the emphasis on it becoming a habit! We are what we do repeatedly so more focus on our faith and relationship with God especially communicating with Him is key to spiritual growth and maturity.

  3. Dear Jan, I loved the explanation of intercessory prayer as every day I do lift up the needs of my neighbors and friends, yet I think I thought intercessors were much more spiritual than that.

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