Once again we welcome Cherry Warrick of Pursuing Heart as our guest blogger.

The Size of Our Prayers

by Cherry Warrick (reprinted with permission)

Our view of God determines the size of our prayers.

“Yet many of us pray as if our problems are bigger than God.
So let me remind you of this high-octane truth that should fuel your faith:

God is infinitely bigger than your biggest problem or biggest dream.”

(Mark Batterson in The Circle Maker)

How small my prayers are at times. And how dismal my outlook. Forgetting who we are talking with, forgetting who is the powerful one. But we are not praying to one who is equal to us.

“‘My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts,’ says the Lord. ‘And My ways are far beyond anything you could imagine'”(Isaiah 55:8, NIV)

Our biggest problem is not our big problems.

“Our biggest problem is our small view of God.”

(The Circle Maker)

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