Shrouded in Fog

by Stephanie Nickel

Recently, it looked like my husband was going to get full-time work in his chosen field, music. We were so far in the process that the college flew both Dave and I out-of-province in order to get to know him better. We weren’t certain what God had in mind, but things definitely looked like they were coming together.

Even so, Dave wasn’t convinced that he would accept the position even if it was offered to him. That is when I wrote this poem. It seemed even more applicable when they decided to go in a different direction.

At first, Dave felt rejected. Other family members received the news with a variety of emotions.

However, in the end, peace came when we accepted that God knows best and that His plans are far better than ours. When we pray, we are free to voice our desires, but we must remember that ALL things work together for our good. We must also remember that God loves us more than we realize and He can, without a doubt, be trusted.


by Stephanie Nickel (reprinted with permission)

When the way ahead
Is shrouded in fog
And the future is uncertain,
It’s vital
I fly
Reliant on
The One who has gone before me.

When I see clearly…
Or think I do…
I have a less urgent reason
To trust.
And yet,
Trust is everything.

As we know,
Can change in an instant.
The fog surprisingly,
In a real way,
Helps me see more clearly.
Because trust
Is the only prescription
For 20/20 sight.

The old song says,
Many things about tomorrow
I don’t seem to understand,
But I know who holds tomorrow
And I know who holds my hand.
In the end,
I’d rather know
The Flight Instructor
Than the Flight Plan.


Stephanie Nickel

Stephanie is a wife of over 28 years and has three grown children. She is eclectically interested, to say the least. Among her current pursuits are co-authoring Deb Willows’ autobiography; freelance editing; and keeping up with a number of blogs. Stephanie is a member of The Word Guild and works on “Write! On,” the news bulletin for guild members. To read more of her poetry, visit Free2Soar.

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