Reason for Existence

by Stephanie Nickel 

Sometimes we feel as if are spinning out of control. It seems there is nothing we can do to stop ourselves or change our circumstances. When we feel as if we’re in a freefall, we must remember to call out to Him.

Sometimes, things change immediately and we land safe and sound. At other times, the descent continues. Yet, no matter what happens, we must remember to trust. God loves us, and even though we feel completely out of control, He never is.

Reason for Existence

by Stephanie Nickel (reprinted with permission)

Have you seen them?
The little spinners
That twirl their way
To the ground.

They can’t determine where
The wind will carry them.

When the time comes
They fall.
They have no choice.
If they could think
Maybe they’d call themselves
Out of control.

But within each one is
A seed of life.
If conditions are right,
They land
In just the perfect spot.
Thrust down roots into
Rich, nourishing soil.
And grow to become
A replica of the tree
From which they fell.

They fulfill their purpose.

And that’s what I want.
When I feel caught up
In the winds of
Uncontrollable circumstance…
And when I feel like
I’m drifting aimlessly…
I want to rest in the Plan.

There is
A reason for my existence.
And I trust
It will be fulfilled.



Stephanie Nickel

Stephanie is a wife of over 28 years and has three grown children. She is eclectically interested, to say the least. Among her current pursuits are co-authoring Deb Willows’ autobiography; freelance editing; and keeping up with a number of blogs. Stephanie is a member of The Word Guild and works on “Write! On,” the news bulletin for guild members. To read more of her poetry, visit Free2Soar.

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