Is Prayer your Steering Wheel?

Corrie ten Boom said:

“Is prayer your steering wheel or your spare tire?”

I have thought a lot about this quote during the week. When exactly do I call on God? I know I should be talking to Him all the time. I have read books and even taught the course on Living Prayer. But when I really ask myself – how often to I talk to God? – I come up with:

During my daily morning devotionals
At bedtime before I go to sleep
During the church service when I sing and when there are prayers
In my weekly Bible study when we pray
Before meals
In my morning reading and prayer for a nation (Operation World).

Other than these regimented times there are other times I am called to pray; it could be for a friend in need; it could be a thought that He puts into my mind; or it could be in the quietness of a walk by myself. I talked about this in Being Called to Pray.

But I know that I could be talking to Him more. Before I start a painting (I do some watercolour) I could take a few moments and ask for direction and inspiration. Before I start to make dinner I could take a moment and ask for help in achieving a balanced tasty meal. Before I go to tap dancing lessons I could stop and focus my mind on God, asking for calmness and the ability to recall the steps and do my best.

These are different times that I thought about when I read this quote. Am I flipping from activity to activity without stopping to thank God, to seek His favour and ask for the Holy Spirit to be present as I go about each task?

When I read Ann’s book, One Thousand Gifts, I remember one part where she feels overwhelmed by everything that needs to be done. Instead of stressing over this, she decides to take a moment, reflect on the One who cares about her and be grateful. This slowing down, actually savouring God – is an act of prayer.

So during this week I am going to endeavour to live with Him, seek His guidance and peacefully accept His Presence in all that I do and say. This will be my act of getting to know Him better.

Here is my list from this week’s Gratitude Journal:

8. White egrets perched high in the trees (they come for a few days or a few weeks each winter)

9. Clear blue skies

10. My daily morning time with God

11. Light

12. Breath – to be able to take a deep breath

13. A walk by the lake because my legs carry me

14. Colours that are so many and so varied


Lord, help me to remember to look to You in all I do. Help me to seek Your Presence during my whole day. Help me to know You better and better. In Jesus’ name. AMEN

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