Joy in Remembering

by Mary Haskett (reprinted with permission from July 28, 2010)

The dental office buzzed with activity. It’s a big office with several dentists, hygienists and receptionists. I checked in at the desk and sat down to wait my turn. A grandpa sat in the play area and encouraged his small grand-daughters to count the fish in the tank. A young mum sat engrossed in a book. I supposed she was waiting for her child. Within minutes my dental hygienist called my name, as I got up the young woman looked up and instant recognition flashed between us. She called my name as I did hers and we rushed to embrace each other.

“Well,” said the hygienist, “can I have a hug too!” Laughing I said, “Why not,” and delivered.

For the young woman and myself it brought to memory a prayer we had prayed some twelve years previous. Crying at that time she had told me how much she wanted a baby and it seemed it wasn’t to be. In that prayer we reminded God how he had opened the wombs of Sarah and Rachel and Hannah. And we asked if he would do it for her. A few months later with a big smile on her face she came to tell me God had answered our prayer and not only that when the time came to give birth she delivered twins! The twins are 11 now. I didn’t get to see them that day they were in one of the many clinics getting their checkups. But I did experience joy as I remembered.

The exuberance of that day was just like Hannah’s when she voiced her praise to Eli, …and she said to him, “As surely as you live, my lord, I am the woman who stood here beside you praying to the Lord. I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him” 1st Samuel 1: 26-27 (NIV).

Can you remember a prayer God answered, one that will give you joy in remembering?

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